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Can help provide respite to parents so they have the opportunity to get over challenging life events such as bereavement
Can help us arrange counseling sessions for children and families to help them recover
Can help us work with parents to teach them techniques and skills that empower them to move forward through adversity
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Help struggling families stay together when life tries to tear them apart

Emma's Story

From the passing of a child, to the effects of school bullying, to the confusion of a new family arrangement - at the Benevolent Society we see unexpected pressures break apart struggling families every single day. 

Many times there’s no one to blame, but Life. All these families need is dedicated support from our practitioners to get them back on track.

That’s why your help is needed today. Your kind donation means our counsellors can be there to help struggling families stay together…

…just like they were there for the Christiansons who faced a terrible crisis when the mother of the family, Jayne, suddenly died of an undiagnosed heart condition.

The fallout almost tore the family apart. The father, Matthew, suffered deep depression and lost his job. One daughter, Emma rebelled towards drugs and alcohol. Both Emma and her younger sister Ava (just nine) were at risk of being taken away.

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Bring help (and hope) to Australian Families in need.

Thanks to generous gifts like yours today - the Christiansons had help. Our practitioner worked with each family member to support them during this terribly difficult time, arranging for specialist counselling to help them come to terms with their grief.

In time, the family began to support each other again. When Matthew got his old job back the family unit began to work again.

That’s the difference your donation today can make. Please make your kind gift today to give specialist counselling to a family at risk of breaking apart.

Click me now. Donate today

Bring help (and hope) to Australian Families in need.

Why Us?

Why you should donate to us: 

We’re Australia’s First Charity - Est in 1813:

You’ll be with Australia’s original charity –The leading voice in creating the Old Age Pension; the founder of the Royal Hospital for Women in Paddington (running it from 1901-1996); the organisation that helped families affected by the failed ABC Learning childcare centres; the charity that today empowers and educates thousands of people towards personal and societal change.

You’ll help families and kids thrive: 

From playgroups and parenting education to family support, counselling and household budgeting – you’ll fund programs to build strong family relationships. 

You’ll help Australians age with dignity:  

Your support will fund carers to help more older people live at home confidently and safely – delivering to the carers' needs as well as those of the person they are caring for.

You’ll fund learning and development:

By helping to provide training, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to practitioners and organisations you’ll improve the wellbeing of children, young people, families and older Australians, especially in disadvantaged communities.