Domestic violence hurts children too.

More than half of women in Australia who experience domestic violence from their partner will be caring for children when the violence occurs. Children continue to be at risk of violence during and after their parents' separation. With your generosity, we can help children cope with and recover from the effects of domestic violence. 

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Scotty's story

Imagine a child named Scotty trembling in his bed, as he listens intently. He is silent under his covers; afraid of his own dad, afraid for his life and the life of his mother. This is Scotty’s reality. It is all he has known in his short life. Because of his lifetime of exposure to domestic violence, Scotty was in a highly anxious state all the time. His brain was in ‘flight’ mode, always scanning his surroundings for signs of danger. Scotty and his mother were first referred to The Benevolent Society two years ago by a doctor. The doctor was really worried about Scotty's development at 18 months. Scotty really needed help... Read more of Scotty's story

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Where your money goes

Because of the help we have received from supporters, we’ve been able to work with Scotty and his mother over the last 12 months to help them recover from their trauma and get back on their feet. We helped Scotty build his confidence and feel safe. Play therapy, speech pathology and art therapy have helped Scotty to interact with other children. With support, he began to show less signs of anxiety and he is now a three-year-old boy on his way to being school-ready in a couple of years.

There are many more children like Scotty who need your help.

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Our Story

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