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We believe in acting early, and giving families the right support before things get out of hand. The longer problems at home aren't resolved, the harder they are to fix. And when things get tough for parents, the reality is, it affects our children the most. With your help, we can keep acting early and provide support when it will make the most difference for the kids and families we work with every day.

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Zoe's story

Zoe is just 10 years old. She loved school and was a keen reader, practicing each night by reading stories to her younger sister and brother.  Her mum and dad were so proud of her.

But things didn’t go as planned for Zoe’s family. Zoe’s dad suffered a stroke and was unable to return to his job. It fell to Zoe’s mother to care for her husband and her children. But without her husband’s income the family was unable to meet their rent and bill payments. The load was simply too much for Zoe’s mum. Overwhelmed and isolated she slipped into depression. And as she declined so did Zoe... Read more of Zoe's story

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Where your money goes

With the help of The Benevolent Society, Zoe’s family are rebuilding their lives. Our supportive, integrated approach provides in-home respite care, counselling and high quality childcare to address the family’s challenges. Zoe and her family are finally getting the help they need.

There are many more children like Zoe who need your help.

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Our Story

We're Australia's first charity. We're a not-for-profit and non-religious organisation and we've helped people, families and communities achieve positive change for over 200 years.

We help kids and families thrive, we help people with mental health and wellbeing challenges and we also support older people to live at home safely and confidently.

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