Emma's Story Short First

From the passing of a child, to the effects of school bullying, to the confusion of a new family arrangement - at the Benevolent Society we see unexpected pressures break apart struggling families every single day. 

Many times there’s no one to blame, but Life. All these families need is dedicated support from our practitioners to get them back on track.

That’s why your help is needed today. Your kind donation means our counsellors can be there to help struggling families stay together…

…just like they were there for the Christiansons who faced a terrible crisis when the mother of the family, Jayne, suddenly died of an undiagnosed heart condition.

The fallout almost tore the family apart. The father, Matthew, suffered deep depression and lost his job. One daughter, Emma rebelled towards drugs and alcohol. Both Emma and her younger sister Ava (just nine) were at risk of being taken away.

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