Supporting Families First

From the passing of a child, to the effects of school bullying, to the confusion of a new family arrangement - at the Benevolent Society we see unexpected pressures break apart struggling families every single day. 

Many times there’s no one to blame, but Life.  All these families need is dedicated support from our practitioners to get them back on track. 

That’s why your help is needed today. Your kind donation means our practitioners can be there to help struggling families stay together…

…just like they were for the Christiansons:

In the beginning of 2015, the Christiansons were barely making ends meet.

The parents (Jayne and Matthew) worked double shifts of more than 60 hours each week. They strived to give their beautiful girls the opportunities they deserved. 

Their eldest daughter Emma(11) would cook meals and wash clothes before starting homework. And her little sister Ava (9) also helped  – making the beds and taking out the bins before school.  

As a family, they didn’t have much, but they made the most of the only thing they had – which was each other. 

How would it make you feel if I told you that by the end of 2015 life would push this hard working loving family over the edge…

…That only because of donations, which I truly hope you make today, could the Christiansons get through a devastating  year together. 

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Supporting Families Post Second

It started when Jayne died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition. Matthew then suffered deep depression and lost his job. Emma - aged only 11 – rebelled towards drugs and alcohol. Both girls were at risk of being taken away. 

We knew the Christiansons could get back on their feet. We knew we could help them stay together.  

Thanks to donations like yours today, the Christiansons were able to find a way out of their grief and back into each other’s arms. 

Our practitioner worked with each family member to support them during this terribly difficult time, arranging for specialist counselling to help them come to terms with their grief.

 In time, the family began to support each other again. They shared their guilt, anger and pain. Mathew got his old job back. And the family unit began to work again. 

As the Christiansons story so clearly shows, your gifts do help keep struggling families together. 

That’s the difference your donation today can make. Please make your kind gift today to give specialist counselling to a family at risk of breaking apart.

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